Why Use Us?

Why Wheelchair Escapes?

Wheelchair Escapes specializes in assisting the mobility challenged traveler, whether making flight, hotel, accessible van rentals, accessible cruise reservations and accessible tours in the various ports throughout the world.

Unlike most travel agencies, we have first hand knowledge and a true understanding and appreciation for the specific traveling needs of wheelchair travelers and their families.

We educate our clients as to the ins and outs of wheelchair travel. We assist them in the preparation for their travels, including wheelchair preparation for flights. We know the inside track on accessibility and have opened doors on adventures that people believed were closed forever.

We can arrange a wheelchair accessible vehicle to be waiting for you at the airport. If you need a wheelchair, scooter, hospital bed or a patient lift, those can be arranged most of the time as well. Call with your travel dream and let’s see if we can make it happen for you!

We can take the stress and uncertainty out of your travel plans and help you create the adventure of a lifetime!

We have over 21 years of first-hand wheelchair travel experience with her husband Jerry, who is a full time power chair user..

Kristy attends the SATH (Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality) World Congress each year to keep up with what is going on around the world for accessibility. She is a Certified Accessible Travel Specialist and an Elite Cruise Counsellor and Caribbean Destination Specialist.  She just received her CTA from The Travel Institute.

Wheelchair Escapes joined Cruise Planners to offer you more opportunities, better savings and the possibility of more on board credits. (free spending money)

Accessible tours can be arranged in Alaska, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Ecuador, St Thomas, St Maarten, Jamaica, Nassau, England and more.
How about an African Safari?

Memberships and Links

Wheelchair Escapes joined forces with Cruise Planners to be able to offer you the best possible pricing.

Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative, has a tremendous reputation for quality, service, and very competitive pricing for ALL of your travel needs. From cruises to land tours and completely packaged vacations, we specialize in all types of travel and will create an unforgettable vacation just for you. Kristy Lacroix will help you discover exciting wheelchair adventures around the world.

Certified Accessible

Travel Advocate

SATH Society for Accessible Travel and HospitalityCertified Accessible Travel Specialist CLIA Cruise Lines InternationalAccredited Cruise Counsellor, Master Cruise Counsellor and Elite Cruise Counsellor
  • NACTA National Association of Career Travel Agents
  • MobilityWorks.com (specializing in accessible vans to rent and to purchase in twelve locations throughout the US)
  • Proud Member Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Accessible Travel Agent Advisory Board!




ACC- Accredited Cruise Counsellor accredited by CLIA Cruise Lines International Association

mandatory classes and tests, elective classes and tests, 5 different ship inspections, 2 cruises 1 2-6 days and 1 7+ days on different cruise lines and 25 cruise bookings within 2 years

MCC- Master Cruise Counsellor accredited by CLIA (see above)

mandatory classes and tests, elective classes and tests, 3 ship inspections (new) 2 cruises 7 nights or longer on two different cruise lines not used before and 40 cruise bookings within 2 years

ECC-Elite Cruise Counsellor accredited by CLIA (see above)

10 mandatory classes and tests, 5 ship inspections (not used before) 1 7+ night cruise and 50 booked cruises in a 2 year period.

CTA Certified Travel Associate certified by the Travel Institute

course of study and test

Certified Accessible Travel Specialist certified by the Travel Institute

2 classes and tests

SNG certified by Special Needs Group

2 classes and tests

Caribbean Destination Specialist Travel institute

series of study on geography, attractions, travel in the Caribbean and tests



  1. Outstanding information right here, thanks a lot for writing. I don’t know how I brought in this website actually but now I am pleased with what I’ve learned.

  2. Thank you so much for the info, I have been looking for the right information, Stumbled upon this article. My son really wants to go on a cruise. Let see what we have planned for him.

  3. 99% of the time there is no fee to use my services. The price is the price whether obtained on line or by the cruise line or by me. Why not have one extremely qualified wheelchair travel specialist working for you at no additional cost? I have 24 years of hands on wheelchair travel experience. I WILL work for you!

  4. I’m wheelchair bound and interested in Alaska cruise and land tour for my wife and I. Include air to/from Chicago. We are interested in June 2018.

  5. Hi Kristy,
    My husband and I are taking a cruise to Alaska on May 11, I need some information on how to order a a Hoyer lift for our room.

  6. I’m now in a wheelchair after being injured in the line of duty. Before my injury I use to love cruises and travel. Since my accident I haven’t traveled mainly due to fear and just thinking about everything stresses me out…

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